The best things about tent

Party tents are available in different sizes, colors and designs and can be used in completely different ways. For private use, a marquee is suitable for barbecue and garden parties on mild summer evenings in the home garden or on the terrace, but also for birthdays and other celebrations with many guests.

Depending on the size, there is space for everything that is needed for a successful party, from beer benches and tables to the buffet to the grill station, which is also kept dry, even when it is raining outside.

An outdoor wedding in a party tent is given the title exceptional. As already explained, festival 15×15 frame tent can be set up for every occasion and taste. Why shouldn’t you be able to appear in a romantic light too? And there is always room for a stage and the dance floor with a frame Tent of the right size.

In addition, marquees also serve commercial purposes. They are often used as kitchen tents for large events with many visitors and at flea markets and trade fairs, stalls find a dry place here, mobile exhibitions can also move in here or the company premises are transformed into a lively fair or a cozy beer festival at company parties.

This is where the party tents come in:

  • Booth
  • Flea market
  • Birthday
  • Baptism, confirmation, communion etc.
  • Family celebration
  • Barbecues
  • Gastronomic events
  • Receptions and company parties
  • Major events
  • Storeroom
  • Barbecues and garden parties
  • Kitchen tents

Cleaning and maintenance

After a successful celebration, it is time to dismantle the tent. Before the tent is packed away, however, it should be checked for damage in any case, after all, nobody wants a rude awakening the next time they are set up if cracks or leaks suddenly appear. Any damage can be repaired very quickly, spare parts and repair side allow easy repairs, regardless of what has broken.

In addition, it should Tent cleaned always be, especially if the party tent stands and over a longer period outside is exposed to various weather conditions. In any case, it is essential to have the right cleaning agent that can remove even stubborn dirt and incrustations.

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