How to buy the best quilt covers in the market?

When you like to be simple the quilt covers are like the cover for your quilt. It is easier to clean because it is washable, which is like a pillowcase or a screen protector in your phone. The quilt covers are not only as simple as that. As there are different varieties that you can choose to have for your house. When you have to choose the right quilt covers for your bedroom there are a few things that you have to reconsider.


It is not necessary to be aesthetic when choosing a new quilt cover. It is also important to have the right size for the bed and duvet. Also, it is better that it matches your decor, pillowcases, cushions, and furniture. Although the design of the quilt cover is necessary.

The prices will also vary depending on what kind of materials was used in the covers. When you compare the vintage and waffle quilt cover it has a different price range. It will depend on the materials, brand, intricate, and more. When you are planning to buy single quilt covers online you have to choose the best quality and design.


The quilt covers are made of cotton, synthetic, silk, and flannel materials. Since the prices will depend on what materials were used. It is also the same as the characteristics of the material on how easy it is to clean. Those thicker quilt covers have higher heat insulation which is good for the cold season.

And you have to change it when it is summer. You also have to avoid using delicate fabrics like satin or silk when you have pets sleeping in your bed. When you like your pets to be sleeping in your bed you have to use vintage quilt covers. It is made of yarn which covers the marks that they make. When you have sensitive skin you have to use natural fiber such as cotton or bamboo.

Thread count

It is based on how many vertical and horizontal threads there are in every square 10 cm. You will think that the higher it is the softer it gets which is right. When you know a quilt cover has a higher thread count it can keep the heat inside than letting the air in. But when it is made with good quality but has a low thread count. It can let the air flow inside which you can feel how soft the cover is.

Additional features

There are features in the quilt cover that are now on the market but it will be different from every design. There are covers that are easier to use while some are fragile for washing machines and drying. Since every quilt covers are different it can still look great but hard to maintain.

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