Pleaser Shoes – How to Choose Stripper Shoes

Pleaser_shoes_imageFrom the past till now ladies have a curiosity about the footwear. This is obvious that the fashion and design we have today was not at that time but the footwear of that time were the best from the past view. Now time has changed and the look of the footwear also changed. Not only the look but everything has changed in comparison to the past as the fashion changed. Now we can see a lot of brands, designs and types also in shoes. Today in the market the type of shoe that has a great popularity among ladies is stripper shoes. So What is Stripper Shoe? These shoes are not only to just wear and to protect your feet from the dust or protect from getting hurt but these shoes have become fashion statement today. We have a lot of brands in this category and the most popular among all those is pleaser shoes just because of its look. Pleaser Shoes:- These shoes are not limited in terms of style and fashion. They come in a wide range of colors and materials. Let’s find what the most popular features of these shoes are:- Style:- Pleaser shoes come in a lot of styles and colors all taste of almost every single woman. You can see here some of them are Thigh High, Ankle Boots, D’orsay, Knee Boots, Mary Janes, Plus Size, Pumps, Sandals, Slides, Spectators, T-Strap, Thigh Boots and Wedges. You choose what type of style you want. Color:- These shoes are rich in this matter because it come in different colors and almost all colors that a women like- Gold, Gray, Green, Hot Pink, Nude, Purple, Clear, Red, Silver, Tan, Turquoise, White, Baby pink, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Bronze, Rainbow, Brown, Burgundy and Champagne. So you can choose your favorite color. Heel Height:- Pleaser Shoes come with large, spiked heels. The height of heel may vary from 2-10 inch. This can appeal to every woman. These footwear are ideal to wear with miniskirts, short dresses and even can be worn with casual dresses like jeans to create a desire look. These shoes are the desire of women who want to look taller. Material:- the most popular material for these Shoes is always leather but they also come in Chrome, Lace, Hologram, Cork, Wood, Fabric, Glitter, Leather, Matte, Microfiber, Patent, PVC, Rhinestone, Satin, Sequins, Suede, Velvet and Wood. is an online platform where you can choose stripper shoes pleaser shoes by style, color, heel height and material and Price.

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