Identifying a Pair of Good Quality Safety Shoes!

Safety shoes have travelled a long journey since they started being manufactured during the mid of World War 2. With long ankle boots made of leather, looking back at the safety shoes of that time, one cannot stop wonder what would have happened if its style would never see the dawn of good variety. Earlier the rack of safety shoes used to house a plethora dominated by a rare variety of synthetic leather. Although good from the safety point of view, they did not really tickle the style sense of their consumers. However, with time, this industry has started its manufacturing by mixing fashion and comfort. In this neck-to-neck race of variety, how do we determine which pair is good enough to be investing in and which to say no to? Coming to your rescue, the write-up would aid with the details that would smoothen the crease to lead to a better purchase. The Lines might narrate a story Safety boots and shoes have a unique process of being made, during which the leather gets scarred by non-uniform patchwork of fine lines. The absence of this natural artwork indicates that the boots are fabricated in bad quality leather and hence an investment should not be made in them. Also, better quality of safety shoes uses fine leather. On touching, they do not exhibit the property of leaving lose skin below the fingers. Leather’s smell Before buying safety shoes made of leather, follow the instinct of your sense of smell. Imitation leather mimics the smell of plastic while the good quality leather will radiate a light odor that is commonly known as the leather smell. Test the theory Imitation leather burns when brought close to fire. This gives more reasons to invest in better quality of safety shoes that stand true on the specifications. Good quality leather knots hard to form a lump with the absence of burning hair smell. Soul of the Sole Perform the puncture test on the soles. Use pins to gently press the sole with nails. If the sole is good, it would exhibit mild hardness and there would be no peeling. Level the surface Having a smooth surface without heels is very important for the day long comfort in a tedious workplace Safety boots exhibited in the showroom’s rack may reflect to be flat on the counter. However, a deeper inspection might show irregularities. This can be done by placing the shoes on palm. Good quality shoes will be smooth and will contact the surfaces of your palm completely. Safety should never be compromised upon and hence we have enumerated the above tests. These four easy to perform tests will establish the better quality of shoes over others and it is highly recommended to conduct them.

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