5 ideas to upgrade your diamond engagement ring

For most people, their engagement ring is one of their most prized possessions. After all, it commemorates the special day you promised yourself to your betrothed, and it goes with most people everywhere they go. With this in mind, it only makes sense that you should be able to upgrade and care for it as you would any other prized possession.
Why upgrade a ring?

There are many reasons someone might upgrade their engagement ring. Despite there being a stigma attached to upgrading such a commemorative item, your budget may have changed since you got engaged, or your sense of style may be different. Perhaps you favoured a flashy ring all those years ago, but your tastes are more modest nowadays. Whatever your reason, there are several ways you can upgrade your ring and make it bespoke while still retaining the sentiment and meaning behind it.

1. Add some extra stones

For those who started with a modest solitaire ring, you could consider adding a few extra diamonds to give it a bit of extra sparkle. Most experts recommend that these additional diamonds are smaller and set to either side of the original diamond for the best look.
2. Enhance the diamond solitaire

If you’re not keen on the idea of some extra diamonds, you could consider a diamond ring enhancer. These are specially made rings designed to fit around your original ring to bring it out and make it pop a little bit more.

If you need some inspiration on how to upgrade your ring, there are sites such as comparethediamond.com/diamond-engagement-rings that specialise in diamond engagement rings to suit all styles and budgets.

3. Jazz up your band

If you’ve got a plain silver or gold band, why not add some extra diamonds to it? It’s a subtle yet effective way of making your ring stand out that little bit more.

4. Change your band material

A popular choice is changing from gold to platinum. Platinum is a white metal that won’t need replating and is a suitable choice when you wish to preserve your ring for the ages.

5. Add some colour

This may sound controversial, but you could consider adding alternative stones such as sapphires and rubies to your ring. You can be sure your ring will be one of a kind!

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