Tailgating at Lambeau, an Event to Remember

What could be more exciting than living the tailgating experience at the legendary field that was voted the number one experience in all of pro-sports two years in a row by ESPN’s The Magazine 2009 Ultimate Standing? Yes, that’s right, number one in all of pro-sports. Get your giant cheese head out of the garage and let’s crank up the heat in the town of the frozen tundra. Lambeau field is steeped in over 90 years of tradition with fans whose hearts beat as warm as the ground is cold in Wisconsin in the middle of winter. Make no mistake, it’s the combination of the fans, the cold weather and the enthusiasm that puts this venue at the top of the charts, but it’s the cold that will ruin your experience. Plan accordingly and you’re sure to have a blast.Who wouldn’t want to tailgate at a wonderland that includes the 25,000 square foot Packer’s Hall of Fame with over 80 exhibits, three Super Bowl trophies, and a recreation of Vince Lombardi’s office. That’s right, a recreation of Lombardi’s office. You can see, touch, and feel over ninety years of history. If all that seeing, touching and feeling leaves you wanting a taste, you can head to the Meat Packing Company that serves hot, overstuffed sandwiches to keep your Packer belly warm and toasty. Or you can go deep at Going Deep Pizza for an Italian flavor with some piping hot pizza. There is also the Boomerang Cafe and Titletown Grill, along with various novelty and concession stands.

For the ultimate buying experience be sure to visit the Packer’s Pro Shop. The kids will love Curly’s Game Zone with fifty exciting games and a chance to test their football prowess by dodging defenders and throwing touchdowns. Before the real game begins, we are here for some tailgating. If you want to tailgate in style you can get in on the Game Day/MVP package. Available in group increments of ten people, you can warm yourself up to the tailgate buffet at the Tundra Tailgate Zone. There is an open beer and wine bar, programs, entertainment, and of course, the Packers on game day at Lambeau Field.But what is tailgating without the tailgate. And for that you need the parking lot (and the cold and the fans and the…ahem…beverages). A word of warning to the freshly frozen, even though the parking lot opens four hours before kickoff, with a few exceptions, most of the spaces are already taken by die-hard season ticket holders. If you do happen to have the luxury of a parking pass, remember that you cannot bring an RV or bus, even though that would be a nice way to brave the cold. But you can still combat the temperature with burgers, brats and s’mores fresh from the grill. No wood fires are allowed, tempting as that may be in the frozen tundra. But Lambeau field still allows both charcoal and liquid propane and even provides hot charcoal disposal containers. What more could you want in a sporting experience? Just remember that Lambeau is now smoke free, and that doesn’t mean you can smoke for free. This includes the atrium, Pub, bowl and concourse. Save your smoking for the grill. On another important note, restrooms are available for tailgaters from four hours to one hour before kickoff, so don’t hold it until the last hour unless you want to miss part of the game, and I know you don’t want to do that. On your way in be sure to pick up one of the largest and most in-depth programs in all of pro-sports and don’t forget to buy a brick or tile to engrave your message. Starting at only $75 it is a great way to become a part of the legend that is Lambeau Field.

While the food, drink and enthusiasm will go a long way toward keeping you warm, the cold is a real danger. Bundle up!

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