Women’s Self-Defense: Know the Basics

As news stories constantly demonstrate, the world is often an unsafe place for women. Frequently at a physical disadvantage, women are more commonly victims of stalking, mugging and especially sexual assault. Luckily, the law supports your right to use reasonable force in situations of real danger. Given their higher risk of harm, every woman should have some basic strategies in place, just in case.

Verbal Tactics

The best method of self-defense is preventing fights before they begin. Using our words is worth trying to neutralize an immediate threat of violence. The power of calm persuasion can cool tension and even completely avoid an impending attack. Whatever happens, it’s important to stay non-confrontational while still conveying self-confidence. Psychologically, assailants may be subtly subdued by a firm posture and body language to suggest that you’re currently not a threat but could be if provoked.

Unarmed Resistance

When words don’t work, and danger is imminent, physical force becomes necessary. Classic disciplines expressly designed for defense include boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, kung fu and tae kwon do. Contemporary combat systems such as Krav Maga and Brazilian jujitsu borrow techniques from various systems. Traditional martial arts training is never a bad investment. Alternatively, specialized self-defense classes combine aspects of different practices to produce a quick and effective program of self-protection.

Armed Combat

While the use of weapons should always be a last resort, sometimes it’s the only way to guarantee your safety. Handguns are the most powerful weapon a woman can legally carry. However, displaying a firearm in public is almost asking for trouble. Depending on local laws, concealed carry holsters for women and similar clothing lets ladies stay protected while remaining discreet. There are less lethal armaments such as stun guns, batons or pepper spray. In a pinch, everyday items can also act as tools for defense, including hair spray, flashlights, handbags and even your keys.

With our right of self-defense legally assured, nobody needs to be a target for criminals. Let’s all learn skills to protect ourselves in public, and hope we never have to use them.

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