What is the Difference Between Chino Shorts and Cargo Shorts?

Before buying a pair of cargo shorts or chino shorts, it is essential to know a few things about both types of shorts. They are both classic-fitting shorts, but cargo shorts are generally more expensive. This article will help you decide which style of shorts will work best for you. You can also read about the price differences between chino shorts and cargo shorts.

Choosing between chino shorts and cargo shorts

Choosing between chino shorts and khakis can be tricky, as both are equally functional and comfortable. The shorts most commonly found on boys and men are cargo shorts, which have flapped pockets at the sides of the leg. They are efficient for outdoor activities but look hideous when worn for more formal occasions. In the past, cargo shorts were tailored like trousers, with one or two pleats and a narrower or broader cut. Thankfully, these shorts are no longer considered fashionable, and flat-front shorts now dominate the market.

When choosing a pair of shorts, look for comfort and the right fit. Ideally, they will fit the same as your pants. If they don’t, try the “Pinch Trick” to find out if they fit correctly. The width and color of the shorts are equally important. If you are indecisive, you can always go for a neutral color. Olive green is a good choice for a pair of shorts that will match any outfit.

If you’re shopping for a pair of chino shorts, consider the fabric. Casual shorts are made of cotton or canvas. You can also look for dressier ones that have turn-ups or cuffs. Chinos are usually more fitted than cargo shorts and can be paired with tailored dress pants. Cotton chino shorts look great with a navy blazer and loafers.

Cost of chino shorts vs. cargo shorts

While buying a pair of shorts may seem cheaper than buying a pair of pants, consider that a good pair of chino shorts or cargos will cost slightly less than the same-quality pants. After all, shorts generally require the same amount of manufacturing labor. In addition, they are typically made from low-quality fabrics, so they’ll be more expensive than pants, but that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily worse.

Another difference between cargo shorts and chinos is length. Cargo shorts are typically longer than chino shorts, often up to 12 inches. As a result, they create an unbalanced silhouette and have unsightly pockets. Cargo shorts are also not as comfortable as chino shorts. They’re much shorter and less baggy, better for hotter weather, but they are not as stylish as chino shorts.

The versatility of cargo shorts

There are many reasons to love the versatility of cargo shorts. While not as celebrated as denim jeans, cargo shorts are essential for any wardrobe. Unlike jeans, cargo shorts can be styled in numerous ways, from casual to formal. In addition, you can wear them with any piece in your wardrobe and transform them into a new look. For example, you can pair them with your favorite tank top to give your ensemble a completely new look.

When worn with a basic one-color tee, cargo shorts are a comfortable option that can be worn for various occasions. Cargo shorts can easily transition from daytime to nighttime. In addition, the tee’s subtle stitching highlights the versatility of cargo shorts. For instance, you can pair a white tee with cargo shorts to look casual and relaxed on a date. Similarly, a pair of cargo shorts made of durable fabric like denim will provide durability and comfort without sacrificing style.

When shopping for a pair of cargo shorts, consider their size and shape. Most cargo shorts have side pockets, ideal for storing items like cell phones and sunglasses. If the cargo shorts you buy do not have enough side pockets, consider purchasing another pair. However, if you want the most versatility, pay attention to the size of the empty pockets. They can make or break your shorts.

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