How to Dress it Down Like Plus Size Models

Yes, the winter can be quite tempting to just be lazy, stay and sleep in bed all day while watching netflix with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate in one hand and clutching your comfy duvet in the other. However, for career-driven millennials like us, no matter how tempting it is to just resort to regression, some of us have to work out butts off in order to pay the bills and make ends meet. The world can be so un-luxurious even for celebrities and plus size models. The model’s life can be quite complicated as they do not necessarily have a 9 to 5 job although you can last 1 hour for a shoot up to a whole day video and photoshoot for an ad campaign that targets the global demographic. It may seem glamorous with all the hair and makeup artists, stylists, photographers, assistants who grab coffee for them and set designers who surround them, however, all of these important people have roles to fill and they are just working as a team. So when plus size models have the opportunity to unwind and just dress down during their off-duty, they would gladly seize the moment to be their comfy self. It is very evident once you grace through Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar pages, you can see models stripped down off of their make-up while dressed in overalls, sweaters, sneakers, and leggings–a big contrast from their image in their glossy magazines where they are dressed up in trendy plus size clothing, designer heels, haute couture gowns with beehive and teased hairs. Turtleneck Sweaters & Skinny Jeans this is perhaps the most basic ensemble that anyone can pull off without exactly having to be a model. I am pretty sure everyone has a comfy turtleneck sweater hidden away in one’s closet for future’s purposes and the time has finally come when it would be put to good use for all the right reasons: It provides warmth for your neck, it is cozy, and it is stylishly irresistible for being classy. Think of Audrey Hepburn and her classic updo as she wears a black turtleneck sweater with that mesmerizing gaze. Slip on a pair of skinny jeans to emphasize your long stems and do not forget to match it with your favorite pair of boots. Leather jacket and booties Okay, with all the animal-cruelty protection we are fighting over to make the world more sane, it is undeniable that organic products so provide more warmth than the synthetic ones–I am talking about real leather versus faux leather. However, since we have to be considerate about the environment and the animals, let us patronize the faux leathers instead. Wearing a faux leather jacket plus a pair of killer booties is one way of being able to look edgy without looking like you are trying too hard. The allure of this classic combo just feels and looks right for those who like dressing down without layering too much, plus, it is winter anyway so we gotta wrap ourselves in items of clothing that are durable and weather-proof.

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