How to Dress For a Party – Style Tips For Women

Party Outfit Ideas for Women If you have an invitation and don’t know how to dress for a party, here’s help. Although you can wear some dresses to virtually any party, there is no single dress code that will be appropriate to all parties. It all depends on the theme, time, location and other factors. Generally speaking, clothes that are too formal or business like are not suitable for parties. It’s good to get party outfit ideas by considering the current trends in the locale, city or state. How to Dress for a Day Party A daytime party is normally a casual event and the dress code is usually relaxed. These parties will normally start at noon or early afternoon and end at sunset. As a general guide, you should dress a bit fancier than you would normally be. The party is ideally held in a garden, rooftop or around a pool. This involves a lot of intermingling with other guests. Comfortable clothing is, therefore, the key. If there is a pre-set theme, follow it. Otherwise, these outfit ideas will help you to tastefully blend in with other guests as you enjoy your meals and music. Dresses to Wear to a Day Party These are just some of the dresses that you can wear to a day party. Sundress – This is the dress of choice for many women in day parties Maxi dress – Styles like backless, strapless, V-front and side slits make a maxi casual enough for a day party Mini dress Fit & Flare Dress Best Colors for a Day Party Dress Bright colors are perfect for day parties. These include white, ivory, pink, lilac, fuchsia, red and orange. If you don’t want to wear a single color dress, you may opt for stripes, floral prints, animated prints, tie and dye or contrasting prints. Some shades of blue like royal or sky blue are ideal for those who’d rather not be so stunning. Cyerlia Women Summer Sexy Off The Shoulder Evening Cocktail High Low Mermaid Bodycon Midi Dress Party White Plus Size Buy Now Best Materials for a Day Party Dress Chiffon Satin Cotton Silk Denim Accessories for a Day Party Most day parties are held outdoors and in the sun. This may sometimes necessitate you to bring along your straw hat and sunglasses. If the weather is bound to change, have a cardigan and umbrella close by. Clutches are bothersome in daytime parties. An oversized handbag that would hang well from your arm or shoulder should be great. Wearing jewelry will add to the glamour. But don’t wear more than enough. Top it up with makeup in neutral colors. Sandals and wedges are fabulous for an outdoor party in the sun. Heels may sometimes be welcome, but pip toes will be better for this kind of event. As a day party is a casual event, dinner wear, office wear and other formal wear will not be appropriate. Unless you’re attending a pool party with swimwear as the dress code, it is advisable that you be a little bit overdressed rather than underdressed. How to Dress for an Evening Party Deciding what to wear to an evening party can be a nightmare. Suitable colors and styles are so many and making a choice can, therefore, be devastating. Your past experiences can guide you as to what will be best. To make matters simpler, you may choose a color that goes well with your hair and skin tone. The Cambridge Collection Women’s Lace Bodice with Cap Sleeves and Satin Belt Chiffon Dress 10 Black Buy Now Dresses Appropriate for an Evening Party A good evening party dress should be simple and bold, but not vulgar. Any skirt or dress that is floor-length to above knee is okay. A little black dress has a good share of simplicity and glamour. But black might not be appropriate for parties held in early evenings. A white dress is great because it tends to go well with any color of jewelry. However, white dresses have a strong association with brides. To ensure you are not dressed like a bride, make a suitable choice of shape and style. You can put on virtually any style of dress to an evening party. Some of the most popular are evening suit, maxi dress, cocktail dress, bodycon dress, a skater dress and plunge neck. Good fabrics include chiffon, silk and satin. Solid colors or prints will be suitable. Evening Party Accessories Good choice of jewelry can make even a neutral dress look amazing. If you want to keep it simple, opt for a plain necklace and small earrings. Should you choose big earrings, avoid wearing a necklace. A necklace that reaches to above the neckline of your dress or top is excellent. Avoid jewelry that clashes with the color of your clothes. If none of your accessories seems to fit your outfit, select another dress. A white dress will blend in with almost any color of jewelry. Shoes can greatly affect your overall appearance. Select your most elegant pair of stilettos or high heels and you’re good to go. A clutch bag that matches the colors or prints of your outfit will be a big plus, and a good accommodation for your essentials. If possible, avoid wearing a jacket. Your makeup is best done in a beauty parlor. How to Dress for a Night-Out Party A night party is an opportunity for you to show up in your sweet, sexy and crazy clothes. However, cute and stylish outfits need to be fancy but not embarrassing. This is your good chance to meet new people and possibly make new friends, but not to make a bad impression. Heloise Women’s A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Little Black Cocktail Party Dress With Floral Lace (L, Black) Buy Now Cute Outfit Ideas for a Night-Out Party Below are some outfit ideas that may appeal to you; Mini dress One shoulder or off-the-shoulder dress Backless or low back dress Mini skirt and tee Pencil skirt and crop or frilly top Split maxi dress Little black dress Bodycon dress Denim shorts or pants and a spaghetti camisole if you’re lean Whatever you choose, try to strike the right balance and don’t overdo on accessories. For instance, don’t wear a necklace with a detailed neckline or halter neck. If you are very light-skinned, try a black outfit and accessorize with other not so bright colors. If you must wear a bright color, let it be for the top or bottom only, and pair with other darker clothes. Also, be careful with the choice of shoes and bra if there is going to be a dance. Apart from the choice of clothing, you should pay special attention to your other attributes. Ensure that your hair, finger & toe nails and facial skin are all in tip-top condition. Wear appropriate makeup and make the best use of jewelry. Lastly, be conscious of party themes. If the invitation shouts something like “paint the garden red”, make sure you comply. If you are not comfortable with the theme, it’s better not to attend rather than feel lost or embarrassed in an outfit that you’re not comfortable in. By being conscious of how to dress for a party, you will blend in well with the other guests, while making a good mark that will ensure future invites and the prospect of meeting new people.

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